Juror Information

  • If you are not available on the date indicated, you may ask for a postponement. (See 2. How do I postpone jury duty?)
  • Tell your employer about your jury service date. If you work full time, your employer must pay your regular wages for the first five days of jury service.
  • You will receive a reminder notice in the mail about one week before your jury service date. It will contain parking information, directions to the courthouse, a copy of "Your Guide to Jury Service," and any special instructions.
  • If you have a disability and you will need assistance or accommodation to serve on a jury, please call 1-800-842-8175 (TDD: 1-800-708-6794) or send a letter to Jury Administration, P.O. Box 260448, Hartford, CT 06126-0448 so that reasonable accommodations can be made. The Judicial Branch complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • You may ask for a postponement to any date within ten months of your original jury service date. The date must be a weekday that is not a legal holiday. We recommend that you choose a date early enough in the ten month postponement period so that if you have an emergency, you can make other arrangements to serve before the ten months are over.
  • Make your request in writing to Jury Administration, P.O. Box 260448, Hartford, CT 06126-0448 or by telephone at 1-800-842-8175 Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
  • If you receive a jury summons and believe that you cannot serve, you may ask to be disqualified from serving on a jury by writing to Jury Administration, P.O. Box 260448, Hartford, CT 06126-0448.
  • The reasons for disqualification are listed in Connecticut General Statutes Section 51-217. The major reasons include:
  • Children are not allowed to come with you to jury duty.
  • There is no child care available at the courthouse.
  • You must make private arrangements for child care.
  • You may give the clerk's office telephone number to your child care provider as the number to contact you in an emergency. You may be reimbursed for child care and other allowable expenses up to $50 per day, if you do not work full-time (For payment information, click here).
  • Call the telephone number listed on your reminder notice (and listed below) for the courthouse to which you've been summoned to serve after 5:30 p.m. the night before your jury service date, or click on Juror Attendance Status.
  • A pre-recorded message will tell you whether the court needs you as a juror or whether your jury service is canceled.
  • If you are not needed for jury service you don't need to do anything else. You have completed your jury obligation for this court year. A court year runs from September 1st to August 31st. Please remember that you have not actually served jury duty and you will not be disqualified, based on prior service, if you are summoned next year.

Court location Pre-recorded message number (call the night before jury duty) Radio station for the local court weather cancellations 
Bridgeport (Fairfield J.D.) 203-579-6535
Bristol 860-582-8113
WTIC-AM 1080

  • Weather closings: Listen for weather cancellations on the local radio stations listed for each court location below or call the court location.

AM 1080

Danbury203-207-8735WINE-AM 940, WLAD-AM 800
Danielson (Windham J.D.)860-928-7740WINY-AM 1350, WILI FM I98
Derby203-734-8520WICC-AM 600, WELI-AM 960
Enfield860-741-3720WTIC-AM 1080
Hartford860-548-2784WTIC-AM 1080
Litchfield860-567-0134WTIC-AM 1080
Manchester860-649-2913WTIC-AM 1080
Meriden203-238-6217WELI-AM 960
Middletown (Middlesex J.D.)860-343-6590WMRD-AM 1150 

WTIC-AM 1080

WLIS-AM 1420

Milford (Ansonia-Milford J.D.)203-283-8200WICC-AM 600, WELI-AM 960
New Britain860-515-5190WMRD-AM 1150, WTIC-AM 1080,WLIS-AM 1420
New Haven203-503-6809WELI-AM 960
New London860-442-1293WELI-AM 960, WICH-AM 1310, WNLC-AM 1510, WCTY-FM 97.7, WTYD-FM 101
Norwich860-889-7338WICH-AM 1310, WNLC-AM 1510, WCTY-FM 97.7, WTYD-FM 101
Stamford203-965-5311WNLK-AM 1350, WSTC-AM 1400, WGCH-AM 1490

(Tolland J.D.)

860-870-3236WTIC-AM 1080
Waterbury203-236-8242WATR-AM 1320, WTIC-AM 1080, WICC-AM 600
  • Call 1-800-842-8175 to report your situation and ask for a postponement.
  • If an emergency comes up while you are serving jury duty, you can be reached through the clerk's office telephone number. Court staff will get a message to you. If the judge allows you to leave the trial because of an emergency, an alternate juror will step in for you.
  • Failure to go to court on the date you have been summoned for jury service is a criminal infraction.
  • You may be fined $121.00 or held in contempt of court.
  • Payment of a fine does not prevent you from being summoned again in the future.
  • If you are employed full time, your employer must pay you your regular wages for the first five days of jury service.
  • Full time employment is anything more than 30 hours per week.
  • If you do not work full time, the state may pay you up to $50 per day for out-of-pocket expenses (with proper documentation), for the first five days of jury service. Out of pocket expenses include child care, parking, and mileage or other transportation costs. You must complete a Reimbursement Form, JD-JA-16 and return it to the court.
  • The state pays all jurors $50 per day starting with the sixth day of jury service and each subsequent day of jury service.

Weather Closings: If court is cancelled because of serious weather or road conditions, the cancellation will be announced on the following radio stations:

Court locationRadio stations for the local court weather cancellations
Bridgeport (Fairfield J.D.)WICC-AM 600
BristolWTIC-AM 1080
DanburyWINE-AM 940, WLAD-AM 800
Danielson (Windham J.D.)WINY-AM 1350, WILI-FM 198
DerbyWICC-AM 600, WELI-AM 960
EnfieldWTIC-AM 1080
HartfordWTIC-AM 1080
LitchfieldWTIC-AM 1080, WZBG-FM 97.3
ManchesterWTIC-AM 1080
MeridenWELI-AM 960
Middletown (Middlesex J.D.)WMRD-AM 1150, WTIC-AM 1080, WLIS-AM 1420
Milford (Ansonia- Milford J.D.)WICC-AM 600, WELI-AM 960
New BritainWTIC-AM 1080, WMRD-AM 1150, WLIS-AM 1420
New HavenWELI-AM 960
New LondonWNLC-AM 1510, WTYD-FM 101, WICH-AM 1310,WCTY-FM 97.7
NorwichWNLC-AM 1510, WTYD-FM 101, WICH-AM 1310, WCTY-FM 97.7
Rockville (Tolland J.D.)WTIC-AM 1080
StamfordWSTC-AM 1400, WNLK-AM 1350, WGCH-AM 1490
WaterburyWATR-AM 1320, WTIC-AM 1080, WICC-AM 600
Also, the cancellation will be announced on the following statewide television stations: WFSB, WTNH and WVIT
  • Employers may ask to be excused from paying an employee for jury service by submitting a written application to the judge in the case.
  • Employers who fire or threaten to fire employees because of jury service may be fined up to $500 or imprisoned up to thirty days or both if convicted of this charge.

Wrong address:

Please correct the address on the mailer and return it as soon as possible. If the corrected address affects your jury service, we will send you a notice in the mail.

Addressee has died:

We apologize if you received a summons addressed to a family member who has died. Jury lists are compiled every year from names obtained from other state agencies that gave us the information before your family member died or that did not know about the death. If the mailer is unopened, please write "Deceased" on the outside of the mailer and mark it "Return to Sender". If the mailer has been opened, please write "deceased" on it and mail it to Jury Administration, P.O. Box 260448, Hartford, CT 06126-0448.

  • Your name was chosen at random from lists obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Revenue Services, Department of Labor and the Registrars of Voters for the state's 169 towns.
  • Names are randomly chosen every year. Every year your name has an equal chance of being selected and you could receive a jury summons every year. Only persons aged 70 or older who choose not to serve and disabled individuals who have provided a letter from a licensed physician indicating that they are permanently unable to serve jury duty may be permanently disqualified. There are no other permanent records of disqualification or hardship excuses granted, so you must ask to be disqualified each time you receive a summons.
  • Call 1-800-842-8175 Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.
  • Write to Jury Administration, P.O. Box 260448, Hartford, CT 06126-0448.
  • You may e-mail the jury administration office directly. On all correspondence, please include your name, your current address, a telephone number and your juror identification number printed on the summons or reminder notice. E-mail questions
  • Review the PDF publication "Your Guide to Jury Duty", JDP-JA-005
  • Connecticut sends a Jury Summons to over 525,000 people every year for jury duty. Eighty percent (80%) of all jurors complete their jury service in one day.